What Is Affiliate Marketing And How Does It Work? (Myth vs Reality)

Affiliate marketing is not a business. Reality.

It’s basically a way, a model or a form of making money (monetization).

In my case, using a done for you system (the affiliate program) as the monetization and utilizing Youtube videos plus Facebook paid ads as the product.

I’ll explain more about this below.


Most of you might be familiar with SEO and using websites as the product (your content) and using affiliate marketing to monetize it. Monetizing with reviews of Amazon products or Clickbank products (a marketplace selling products you can promote).

We all know who and what Amazon is. But did you know places like this and even Wal-Mart have affiliate programs that you can apply for?

As an affiliate, you can take advantage of the ability to “sell” the products from these sites and earn a commission from it (the monetary side). The marketing side is how you’re going to sell it.

Like I mentioned above, using your own websites, Youtube videos, Instagram or Google.

What's attractive about this affiliate model?

It’s a low barrier to entry to making a few dollars online, learning great skills and growing it into a hugely viable business.


And as always there is a ‘but’…

People have the wrong idea about it. It’s got a bad rap over the years.

People think it’s an easy get rich quick scheme. Myth.

It isn’t.

It’s deceptively difficult.

You can get started for a low cost and a ton of your time but it’s difficult to gain traction.

The dirty secret?

There never is a secret… Just provide value to your readers, audience and followers.

How Does It Work?

So, what you want to do is first decide which platform you want to start making money from.

Well before you even pick your affiliate offer.

What you want to do is create some sort of presence on a particular platform.

That could be:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google’s search engine

Grow your audience by giving value on a consistent basis. Do this for free.

Not just any audience. You want to create tiny lists that consist of targeted AND engaged people. That is where the conversions are.

So the idea here is to first, obviously, get visitors… get people to the platform that I was marketing on, give value and then monetize those specific people on that platform. And monetization simply means making money from.

I went over this above but here I wanted to paint a bigger picture.

The key to success with affiliate marketing is to be consistent with focused content, is to put in the 20 to 30 minutes every single day, and within 6 months to a year…

Maybe sooner, depending on how much time you have to dedicate to your business… you can watch your life transform.

If you want to get your foot in the door and start learning the skills needed to build your own business online using this model… check out our 15 day business builder challenge. This will absolutely get you started on the right foot to executing this correctly and ethically.

Let me know below what you thought affiliate marketing was or is. I’d like to know!

* If you purchase anything through a link in this article, you should assume that I have an affiliate relationship with the company providing the product or service that you purchase and that I’ll be compensated in some small way at no extra cost to you.*