My 10 Year Lesson On Finding That “Perfect” Business Model (And Why High-Ticket Is Better)

I started in this game 10 years ago. I think it’s safe to say that anyone coming in back then probably started the same way.

With the approach…

Throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping it’ll stick.

Let me say, now, that you need to find a business model/strategy that fits you.

Your feelings, your personality, your way of thinking. There’s so much that goes into this but let’s keep it simple.

I’m not a salesman. Don’t care to be either. But I love teaching others about what I’m learning and how I’m having success.

That teaching can be in the form of marketing.

And the fulfilling part comes when that person experiences that same success.

Back to the spaghetti.

There are so many business models out there… ways to grow your business… It’s messy and complex.

For this lesson, I'm going to stick with the model (and 3 ways to grow) I tried and effectively give you a direction to the best and simplest.

Open Your Mind: “Great Marketers Are Made, Not Born”

I was introduced to Jay Abraham by one of my mentors. If you’re interested in his philosophy of business, this is a great read.

I love his approach because it’s simple.

He really is known for really expressing the simplest 3 ways to grow your business with ANY business.

Let me say though, Jay didn’t magically come up with this but certainly drew attention to it! I’m sure these were principles from 100 years ago.

If we couldn’t write about things that have been written before, nobody would write anything.

Let’s get into my main squeeze…

Affiliate Marketing:

All your doing here is promoting other people’s products for a commission.

It’s the easiest way to build a business online.

For example… We all know who Amazon is. Did you know you could be an affiliate for them?

You can recommend what Amazon is selling to other people and earn a small commission.

Of course, please no need to be an Amazon affiliate because I’m going to show you which type of programs are best to offer. It was just was an easy way to explain what affiliate marketing is.

What you want is the “high leverage, high ticket model”.

That's it.

Now, this model gives you the ability to check off all 3 ways that Jay Abraham refers to as the “profit activators” or ways to grow your business.

Focusing on only three business-building categories throughout your life doesn’t seem so bad, right?

So what are the three ways to grow a business?

  1. Get more paying customers.
  2. Get those paying customers to buy more at each purchase.
  3. Increase your backend revenue by selling high ticket products to complement those customers.

This goes hand in hand with my previous articles on effective sales funnels that ascend into a value ladder.

To add to this, there are 3 other models you can choose to leverage as well in a value ladder.

  • Coaching and consulting
  • Selling your own digital products
  • Events and masterminds

The idea here is to generate thousands with just one click from that one prospect and turn them into a repeat customer using the sales funnel and business plan.

When choosing that perfect business model, make sure to put your programs through this “filter” before you decide to offer this to the world. Make sure the program your offering is actually useful.

Take my new love, Legendary Marketer.

This program I was recently reintroduced to. This is a perfect affiliate, high leveraged, high ticket model you can be part of.

This company checks off all the 3 ways and also will teach you how to leverage those other business models for yourself.

Heres a rough sketch of the “plan”:

The affiliate business model taught in Legendary Marketer.

To break this down from left to right.

You have your traffic sources:

  • email
  • facebook
  • IG
  • Youtube

That traffic is then sent to the beginning of your sales funnel and the first step called the Opt-in Page.

What immediately happens is, the email the prospect enters there will automatically be put into your database (email autoresponder). This way you can leverage that free traffic for life. Or until they unsubscribe.

The next immediate thing that happens is that the person is directed to your bridge page where you will introduce yourself and your business.

From there they will be directed to your first low-end product sale to whet their appetite. This could be a free plus shipping product, $7 or $30 product.

Fro that same page, you are going to want to “order bump them” or “upsell” them with a product that compliments what they just purchased.

Finally ending at the thank you page.

Now that you have them in your database and membership… you can sell those higher-end products to naturally help them in their current business.

What To Look For In An Affiliate Marketing Program

These things I talk about below were all learned from the legendary marketer program.

You’re looking for a done for you system.

As long as the company behind the program is legit and reputable, you are possibly good to go.

Let’s just list them here so it makes for easy reference when you’re doing your own search:

  1. Does the product give actual helpful, tangible value and do people actually want to buy it.
  2. Is the amount you make, your commission, per person high enough to leverage your time.
  3. Tracking paying customers for life. Ask the question: Will I get paid for the life of that person if they buy other products or just one-time on that front end product they initially bought. You want to be tracked to that person for life.
  4. Does the company have sales funnels for you to use, sales team to help close customers? Basically marketing material for you to leverage.
  5. Integrity. Have they been around for years, do they pay people on time, are they being ethical with their marketing… is the owner showing his/her face? Do you know what I mean? This holds true for your personal life too.

Be careful who you partner with.

I’ve been burned in the past and even recently. So, watch out and do your research first before partnering with anyone or any company.

But I can safely say that Dave Sharpe and the team with Legendary are a solid start if you’re looking for that “perfect” affiliate program.

The 15-day business builder challenge is a great way to start to get your foot in the door to learning and building your digital marketing business. You can check it out here.

* If you purchase anything through a link in this article, you should assume that I have an affiliate relationship with the company providing the product or service that you purchase and that I’ll be compensated in some small way at no extra cost to you.*