How To Grow A Business Using Jay Abraham’s 3 Pillars Of Revenue

Are you familiar with Jay Abraham? Yes… No…

Let me give you a quick one-liner on who he is and why what he teaches is so valuable.

This quote says it best:

“He’s the one who taught me to fall in love with my customers, not my products and services.” — Tony Robbins

Abraham says, be passionate about your clients and be focused on the impact your company is making in their lives.

That’s it.

Jay Abraham will make you “think differently”.

After digging into these 3 pillars of revenue, I had a desire to devour everything he offers as a free resource on his site called, 50 shades of Jay Abraham.

3 Pillars Of Revenue: How To Think Differently

What does he mean by ‘pillar’?

Well, he wrote a short report called, “The Power Parthenon Strategy”. Here he explains that these 3 pillars are the ONLY way to grow any business.

The power parthenon strategy used by Jay Abraham. This is an image of the Parthenon in Greece on a sunny day.
The power parthenon strategy used by Jay Abraham. This is an image of the Parthenon in Greece on a sunny day.

Now, people will rewrite these ways as it applies to their specific industry.

For me, I love the affiliate business model.

The 3 ways as it applies to me are:

  1. Get more customers.
  2. Do repeat business with those SAME customers.
  3. Sell higher ticket products to increase revenue.

So, how can you grow your affiliate business using these 3 ways?

Let’s get into it.

How are you going to get more customers?

You need people that are totally interested in what you have to offer.

When you find them, focus on outcomes or results for them and not your own self-obsession with just making money.

When you are able to do this with integrity, you’ll gain purpose, fulfillment and a sense of passion.

Of course, you capture these people using a sales funnel.

Using the landing page to receive their name, email, phone number or address. Then following up with them using email marketing (follow-up) with an autoresponder service.

This way you are able to incorporate number 2 above.

The ability to do ‘repeat business with those same customers’.

Then, as you add value to their lives and help them create results that are fulfilling to them… you will be able to sell higher ticket products to compliment and take their businesses and lives to another level.

This is the result of the number 3 pillar.

You will identify the evidence that you are achieving the greatness you desire from all perspectives… what you need to do and say differently, and the ways the evidence will manifest through the view of your customer audience…

(Rabidly happy customers who are happy to provide feedback and who spontaneously become evangelists for you. Increased revenue. Rapidly increased growth.) — Cheryl Conner

You have to make the people you connect with your number 1 focus.

But make sure those people you are connecting with are those you want to do business with!

In a nutshell, the affiliate business model (using the high leverage, high ticket) checks all three fundamental ways to grow your business as Jay Abraham emphasizes.

When you are researching your niche or industry to build a business around… just make sure that the 3 profit activators are checked off.

Are you interested in the affiliate business model?

If so, it’s time to take the next steps to get started or up your educational game in your current business.

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This challenge literally changed my life. Not in a financial way but in an awareness way.

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