5 Things To Know Before Choosing An Affiliate Opportunity (Is it 1 Click Worthy?)

What is the beauty of the high leverage, high ticket affiliate model?

The beauty is, that you don’t have to create any of the information for the product, the support, hiring anyone and you can leverage your backend profit with just “1 click”.

What do I mean by 1 click?

Quick breakdown:

👉 1 click, which is coming from a wonderful human being, happens from a, for example, Facebook story ad.

👉 That human being then clicks that link from your ad (the 1 click) and is then taken to your op-in page where the journey begins... Where a value bite happens and the person gives you their name and email. That email is something you are going to leverage with those higher ticket products.

The secret sauce with emails is building a relationship with those people.

People buy from people they trust.

That’s pretty much a universal truth.

👉 From there, they are taken to a “bridge page” where you introduce yourself and give a brief synopsis of what you are offering and a call to action.

👉 If they’re interested, they will be taken to that offer on another page. If they buy there, then an upsell or order bump can occur.

The commissions here are what’s going to pay for your advertising.

👉 The last place they’ll end up is the thank you page.

Here you can offer your high ticket products, your coaching, an event, or a subscription for additional training.

This “backend” of their journey is where your leverage and profit come in.

This whole present comes wrapped in a big red bow all from just “1 click”.

Ok, so I hope that’s clear.

Choosing Your Affiliate Offer: Choose Wisely…

This is the most important decision you can make.

In my personal journey, I’ve invested in online marketing programs where the training was subpar and very vague.

They left me hangin’. There was no direction and no community. The training was unactionable.

To be completely honest, you can find everything you need to know out there on the net for free. What’s in all these programs is available out there.

The catch is, what are you looking for and how can you put it in order?

Then be able to motivate yourself and push past your limiting beliefs on your own.

This type of training program is hard to find.

So, what I have for you are some guidelines to help make your decision when choosing and researching for that perfect program.

5 Things To Know When Looking For That Perfect “Done For You” System

Let's figure out the 5 things I learned and what you need to know before you make the decision on choosing to partner with an affiliate company.

This choice can make all the difference in the world. You’ll have to be savvy enough to steer clear of all the “bad apples” out there.

Not just the ones touting the next big thing but also the “experienced” affiliates out there offering their own “coaching” that really pans out to adding no value to your life.

Just know this… Research Is Huge.

  1. Research the company and the products. Talk to people out there that are involved with the programs. Figure out if the products are what people are buying because it adds value to their life. Is it quality.
  2. High leverage with backend revenue. Does the company offer products with high enough commissions without you having to sell a ton of their products to make a difference in your bank account?
  3. Tracked to the customer for life. Make sure that you are being tracked for the life of the customer, meaning if they decide to purchase another product within the program you will earn that commission too.
  4. Tools for marketing the program. The company would need to have pre-made sales funnels ready for you to use, emails, images, high converting videos, sales teams, webinars, weekly q/a’s, community to as questions and everything in between. This is the “DFY” side of it.
  5. Reputation and integrity. This is self-explanatory. You’ll know and you’ll have a gut feeling when looking into a company and making sure they have your best interest at heart.

This is a simple guide for you to come back to with any program you are looking into.

Now, let me say, there are going to be programs that fit this mold BUT the organization, methods and ways they may teach on how to build a business may not vibe with you. It may not resonate with you.

I went through one such course recently and felt that it was very basic. The course was basically teaching you how to build a blog and the training was “hired out”.

They paid a yearly fee for the marketing training that was too technical and very unactionable. So, make sure you research thoroughly and talk to people who are part of the program. Go watch reviews and ask people really hard questions about the progression of the training.

I’ve only found 1 training program best for people who are new and want a solid foundation for building an online business.

Not only that but the training is fresh and can be applied to any offer you are promoting (even if you are a brick & mortar company.)

At the time of this writing, the training comes in the form of a 15-day challenge that runs you through getting your mind right, teaching you about the models of business you can choose, to getting your feet wet building out your first mechanism (sales funnel) and business.

If you want to check out the 15-day business builder challenge, go here.

What else did I miss?

What do you guys look for when researching companies to partner with and offer?

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